The National Authority for Investigation of Safety in Civil Aviation Operations

was established in accordance with Article 100 of the Constitution and Articles 100, paragraph 2, and 101 of Law 96/2020, “The Air Code of the Republic of Albania,” upon the proposal of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, by the Council of Ministers.

The Investigation Authority’s mission is to improve aviation safety and prevent accidents and incidents through their investigation and determination of causes, in accordance with the applicable legislation. The investigation of serious accidents and incidents is carried out by the Safety Investigation Authority in Civil Aviation, under the responsibility of the Minister in charge of transportation.

The Safety Investigation Authority may cooperate with other states in conducting such investigations, delegate the task of conducting an investigation into a serious accident or incident to a counterpart authority of another state, based on a mutual agreement, and facilitate the conduct of the investigation process by this other authority. The Authority also investigates serious accidents or incidents involving aircraft registered in the Republic of Albania or operated by an enterprise located in the Republic of Albania that have occurred outside its territory when such investigations are not conducted by another state.

Each safety investigation will be accompanied by a report, in an appropriate form for the type and seriousness of the accident or serious incident. The report is solely aimed at the purpose of safety investigation, which is the prevention of future accidents and incidents, without assigning blame or responsibility. Before publishing the final report, the Investigation Authority will seek comments from the relevant authorities, including EASA.

The National Authority for Investigation of Safety in Civil Aviation Operations will make the final report public as soon as possible and, if feasible, within 12 months from the date of the accident or serious incident.